A+ Skills has developed a special training program for children

A+ Skills has developed a special training program for children

-Armineh Panossian, the founder of the "A+ Skills" training center, during her 20-year experience as a teacher, was convinced that children learn foreign languages ​​more easily at a young age. It is said that at a young age, they are able to bring words more easily, that is, they cannot easily speak without an accent.

Based on her long-term experience, as well as taking into account the requests of many parents, Armineh Panossian has developed a special English learning program for 4-5 year old children. "The program is designed to develop children's speaking, but children learn a few letters during the lessons. In general, children of that age learn more easily through games, various clips, recordings, and flash cards. That is why we have compiled with this idea in mind. By the way, we only speak English with the children during the lessons. And, imagine, they understand very well, and there is no need for double translation, says Armineh. In each class, children learn one short question and answer.

“We have focused a lot on interactivity. as much as possible, children should be included in the game, learning these questions and answers. It is very effective that way. In addition, we have made it in such a way to develop the fine motor skills of children through various activities, who can use a pen and write the letters in the right direction”- says the director of the educational center.

By the way, in order to increase the effectiveness of the lessons, the program is designed in a way that the children do not get bored. “Every 15-20 minutes, the children's occupation and learning method changes: they play, do manual work.”

"A+ Skills" is the only center in Armenia that cooperates with the British international company "Intesol Worldwide".

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The interview was conducted with impoqrik.am.

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