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“Learning a new foreign language isn’t just about piling up words and translating them into one’s mother tongue; it’s about practicing and applying vocabulary, phrases, grammar, & intonation within a theme through the communicative approach.
The innovative teacher is the one who facilitates the learning process for the learners so that they can completely immerse themselves in the new language & culture.”

-Armineh Panossian (TEFL Trainer since 1998)

About Us

A+ SKILLS is an innovative educational center in Yerevan, Armenia, that provides various language learning and teaching services with exclusively interactive and communicative methods.
Our experienced professionals keep updating and programming special courses to meet your own needs at all levels: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced, Advanced Plus, and even Proficiency.
We are not limited to indoor classes since we are more than certain that making the language as an inseparable part of your everyday life is the best guarantee of mastering it. Therefore, various field trips and visits are a necessary part of each program.
The center was founded in 2016, by Armineh Panossian, an author of English courses and textbooks, as well as an internationally certified TEFL professional with 25 years of experience.
We are proud that specialists both from Armenia and abroad cooperate with us within the framework of different courses. The center also provides internationally accredited TEFL/TESOL Certificate in collaboration with INTESOL WORLDWIDE.

The key objective of A+ Skills is to arm its learners with competitive language skills until they become proficient users.
Why choose us
✔ Qualified, certified teachers
✔ Interesting, authentic themes
✔ Integrated four language skills
✔ Real-life situations
✔ Interactive classes
✔ Student-centered classes
✔ Cooperative classroom setting
✔ Outsourcing connection with the learners
✔ Motivating discussions & role-plays
✔ Friendly, fun atmosphere