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Internationally Accredited by the National Federation of NLP, USA

Hasmig Daniel's Qualifications:

Certified John C Maxwell Coach, Trainer, Teacher and Speaker in USA. NLP Trainer accredited by NFNLP , National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming in the USA . NLP Coach accredited by NFNLP, National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming in the USA. Master Certified Coach (M.C.C.) accredited by the International Coaching Council in the USA . Professional Certified Coach (P.C.C) accredited by the International Coaching Council in the USA. Certified Behavioral Coach accredited by the International Coaching Council in the USA . Emotional Intelligence Practitioner accredited by CTAA in the UK . Certified CBT Practitioner accredited by CPD in the UK. Certified REBT Practitioner accredited by CPD in the UK.

Bio Hasmig ,as a Master Executive and Leadership Coach, is dedicated to rewiring an individual's mindset by being a pioneer in the applied fields of human behavior and lateral thinking. Hasmig is the personal Life and Executive Coach for individuals, executives, leaders and others. She is driven by enthusiasm and defined by excellence; her vision is to bring out the best in her clients by applying the latest methodologies in the field. She is a Result Oriented Coach that turns adversities into empowerment, life strategist and personal development specialist. Highly motivated corporate trainer with experience in training small and large groups across diverse industries. She has proven success in leveraging educational theories and methodologies to design, develop, and deliver successful customized and accredited training programs virtually and on-site. Being a former Deputy CEO, a certified trainer and speaker, Hasmig has provided numerous training workshops to public, educational sectors, corporates, NGOs, and has been a keynote speaker at major events in the ME Region. Hasmig is also a regular guest speaker on radio and television live talk shows.

This training is most appropriate for the professionals who directly interact with customers / partners. Trainees will upgrade their skills to effectively adopt NLP into their sales/ communication strategies. In addition, managers by attending this training can actively reinforce their business strategies. This training is remarkably experiential in nature. The participants will enjoy practicing and mastering NLP techniques in a highly interactive setting.

Learning Objectives:
Master selling & Communication skills
Successfully dominate and close any business deal
Create and strengthen customer loyalty
Easily acquire and retain new customers
Develop greater synergy Sensory Perceptual Strategies
Advanced rapport
Meta Model
Meta Programs
The power of magic words
Storytelling Techniques
Develop Self-Awareness
Gain Self- Confidence
High performance in public speaking

What Trainees will earn: Upon completion of the written examination, they will become a Practitioner by the world’s largest NLP certifying body: The National Federation of NLP, USA. Course Duration: 40 hours including exam. Requirements: English language is a must. (Material is in English delivery can be both in Armenian and English)

✔ Trainer: Hasmig Daniel Master Coach, Trainer, Speaker
✔ Course duration: 40 hrs
✔ Frequency: 2x/week 2hrs
✔ Next Course May 20-July 24: Mondays, Wednesdays
✔ 8:00-10:00 PM YVN Time
✔ Fee: $600 or equivalent AMD (Including the certificate)
✔ Last Day of Registration 15.05.2024
✔ Special Price for groups of 3+

NLP MASTER CLASS May 6 8pm-9pm YVN Time